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25 May 2006



All this outcry is because the guy is white. If he had been black it would have been just one more murder among the hundreds of thousands which go on in Africa all the time. Black rulers have ruined Africa and the only way that Blacks can avoid criticism is by whining on about the racism and colonialism. Incidents like these are an excellent way of getting people to forget the bloody mess that Africans have made of independence. And isn't it nice that those who were so against capital punishment when used by Europeans are screaming for this person to be hanged. What a bunch of sickening hypocrites!


The rich white settlers (robbers is more like it) are treated as if they are above the law. Where on earth could anyone kill willy nilly with no legal repercussions? Only in Africa where the killer is still free. Can you imagine if the victim was a white man? The world media would have spun the story over and over again until we get severe migraine.

It’s the fault of the Africans who allow others to do to them whatever they want to. Beginning with African tribal chiefs capturing their countrymen & women, to what’s taking place today which taught others that the African life is not valuable. Regardless of how corrupt the legal system is justice should prevail, and that is not what seems to be happening. I still ask myself, will there ever be land reform? When will the land be returned to its rightful owners? Not in my life time.



First time, he thought they were robbers. Second time around, he thought they were poachers.
I hope there will not be a third time but I suspect it would go like this..I thought it was a deer!
One would think it is common practice in Kenya to shoot at anyone or anything that moves.
Let's call it by its name: Racism! The guy is driven by deep racist feelings at the same time, he feels entitled to reign over an expansive Kenyan savannah, shoot at humans for fun and buy himself out of jail. Well, maybe not this time! Hope not. It will be an acid test for the Judicial system.

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