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07 May 2006



Thank you, Ranjeet. I will read those articles. I do have a problem with the limitations of the Euro/Russian interpretation of work & history. Considering the time period in which Lenin and Marx lived there was nothing to stop them from - and much to recommend - doing a thorough analysis of chattel enslavement of Africans as the production foundation of every neo-European society in the Americas, and its role in the world. This particular period and type of enslavement in human history was much more than just labour & production. Did Lenin or Marx ever visit any part of the Americas? Wish they would've met and interviewed some of our formerly enslaved ancestors who definitely were alive in their day. Yet even seeing slavery in person few would believe. All the way from Russia no one could adequately describe our related realities one would be forced to encounter during enslavement and right after (recalling that abolition dates vary over a long period up, to Cuba - 1886 & Brasil in 1888). Today we (our whole societies not only people of African descent) live with patterns, effects, attitudes of slavery - and of "SLAVEOWNERSHIP". But there's more that is new and positive organic to our survival and (constantly thwarted) ability to thrive. Marx did write a letter to P.V. Annenkov in which he gave a plausible but too brief description of the central economic role of Black enslavement in creating the industrial age. Not to mention JAZZ, BLUES, blood banks & transfusion, the traffic light & the ironing board - all from Black American inventors - as well as easily available cotton clothes in the UK! Thank you again.


two interesting articles on immigration from a UK based indian workers paper:




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