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21 May 2006



Thank you Marian for writing to Gulf News… I doubt that your letter will be published, but at least they know that some of us have the courage to raise the issue. If the editor is an expat he/she would not even touch that subject. One can get their work visa revoked.

I agree with you on the need to communicate among us everywhere: to exchange ideas and stories so that we can be informed about what’s happening to our sisters in many parts of the world, & to be able to understand and even maybe give voice & support those of us who can’t (our sisters in Darfur come to mind).

One quick note, my grandmother used to tell me that “there is a kinship between us & the black people in Al-Basra” (Iraq), & I did’t understand it, until my teenage years & educated myself about how they got there.



I have always wondered if anyone would raise this issue. I come from East Africa and mostly learnt about Arab slave traders - especially those who colonised the eastern coast of Africa (Omani Arabs)

I hope there will be a positive reaction soon.

Take care

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