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16 May 2006


J L McEwan

I found your blog because of George Will's commentary today. I suspect that many others will find you as well. What has been ignored in the commentary on Hirsi Ali is how she is considered by ALL Muslims. She is an apostate. She is guilty of apostasy, a crime punishable by beheading in Moslem (Sharia) countries. For those who do not know, the definition of apostacy is, "renouncing or criticizing the Moslem religion". Three women were beheaded in Saudi Arabia last year for the crime of Apostacy. The fatwah that was issued for the death of Salman Rushdi was because he was guilty of the crime of Apostacy. He criticized Islam.
Beliefs this intolerant are so alien to Western cultures that we fail to understand the full implications of them. Apostacy is defined in the Koran. Conversion with the sword is also commanded there. If a believer in Islam is not completely comfortable with the teachings of the Koran, he cannot speak out, lest he be labeled an apostate. Thus the resounding silence in the Muslim community after 9/11.
Hirsi Ali is a brave and beautiful being. She is saying what must be said. Very few in her position have the courage. She has gone through a very understandable transition in her search for a platform from which she can effect real change. She was abandoned by her liberal friends in Holland when she became an inconvience. This must have been an eye-opening experience for her, as it has been for the United States in its dealings with France and Germany during the past several years. Ladies, please wake up! If you don't understand the threat we are facing, Google "History of Spain, Islam", and start shopping for a birka.


Thanks Anastasia. Did you write any of that, or did you forward the whole thing? Thanks to the author. Very astute. I learned a few more things about "Dutch society". Dank u well. Or something like that!


A Dutch friend sent me this:

As to Hirsi Ali; I believe she's from a good Somalian family, her father was a poltiical adversary of the [pre-war] government and ended up in prison. She became a refugee and landed in Europe, finally in Holland, where she received further education. She became a member of the social-democrat party here and did research in the field of the position and emancipation of Muslim girls and women. She caused quite a bt of controversy with her anti-Muslim view and was regarded a renegade Muslim by Muslims here. She joined a right-wing party for political gain and got a seat in parliament. The party she joined was a fervent supporter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and openly held
anti-Muslim views. Hirsi Ali's opinions were used as anti-Muslim and pro-war propaganda and caused a deep rift between Dutch muslims and non-muslims. She joined forces with filmmaker and columnist Theo van Gogh, who was known for his racist and sensationalist opinions - not only anti-Muslim but also anti-Jewish opinions. Together they made the film Submission, which was based on Hirsi Ali's views on the suppression of Muslim women but was packaged as a cheap provocation of Muslims, it was meant as an insult and was felt that way too. Van Gogh was murdered by a fucked Dutch Muslim kid, who had radicalised because of discrimination in Dutch society, Abu Ghraib, and radical contacts on the internet. He butchered Van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam and pinned a letter to Hirsi Ali to Van Gogh's body. (This sounds so completely crazy and un-Dutch as I write this, but it's true). The letter contained a challenge to Hirsi Ali, a test of faith: was she prepeared to die for her beliefs just as Van Gogh's murderer was prepared to die for his? (Van Gogh's murderer wanted to get killed, started a shoot-out with the police, but just got wounded and was arrested, he's in prison now, completely isolated). Hirsi Ali disappeared from view for a while, had to hide, probably hid in the US. She returned, but couldn't function properly with all the security measures that surrounded her. Then the right-wing party of which she was a member entered into a battle for leadership. The two candidates managed to draw a lot of media attention for a long while with their staged disputes and chalenges. One of the candidates, a right-wing hardliner, who was also Minister of Integration and was in charge of matters concerning refugees and the deportation of unwanted foreigners, thought she had found something to win support among her party members and the Dutch public: she declared that Hirsi Ali had broken rules when she had applied for Dutch nationality (she had lied about her identity) and that she could not be considered Dutch for that reason. The Minister had hoped to win a lot of support but had miscalculated Hirsi Ali's popularity, and lost the battle for the leadership of her party over this issue. Hirsi Ali moved to the US where she had been offered a job for a conservative think-thank and was allowed to keep the Dutch nationality.

My personal opinion is that at a given stage in her development as a public figure she was recruted by the military-industrial lobby, which were preparing ground for Dutch participation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at that time. The same may be true for filmmaker Van Gogh, although he may have been too fucked and erratic to be recruted by any lobby. Van Gogh and Hirsi Ali helped create an enormous rift in Dutch society between non-muslims and Muslims and, a rift that served the purposes of the US military-industrial complex, which are very active in the Netherlands. Van Gogh's dead and to many Dutchmen has become a martyr of free speech, to people like xxxxx and me he is just a pathetic clown who would have done anything to get media attention and who ended up miserable, butchered in the streets of Amsterdam. Hirsi Ali will probably have been offered a good job in the US as a reward for her work here: Holland has entered both the wars in iraq and, recently, in Afghanistan. She accomplished her mission.


Farhia - in spite of the venom you express I'm guessing that's a woman's name. But the belligerence seems testosterone-charged. Ready for a fight, eh? Going for the jugular. Too bad you're seated at a computer. You might want to go here: www.wluml.org. Feel better!


and am sure she will never survive.its clear that no can beat islam so its better you join islam.so ayan is a hell dweller and failed in life.she is a liar a hipocrate and brain washed.


ayan is the weakest woman i ve ever seen in ma life.what an evil minded womwn.all she said about muslim women is is just a clean lies and insult.and she thought she will be honoured and respected for such a stupidity and evil programe.but it went the other way round.thank god for she got embarassed on something she never thought.so i pity those who are supporting that evil woman.and i term them as the weakest link in life and here after.


I am a Somali woman who knows what Ayan Hirsi is going through with regards to the loss of peace, and stability in our homeland, thus lying to the powers that be to seek refuge. I saw the news magazine that took the timee to travel to Kenya to check her background. Who cares if she replaced Magan with Ali? Although I prefer if she had used Magan (and indigenous Somali name that means one who sought safety). The inner workings of politics in Europe is very different to America, by that I mean it’s more streamlined and it has a wide views of politics from the communist, socialist, labor, to extreme right wing. In the U.S.A. - based on my experience living there - is just one way street: Republicans & Repocrats, and nothing in between. I hoped that an African American or any decent organization could have opened their doors to her which would benefited from her intellect, courage to speak out about taboo issues in Muslim societies (I am in the minority of her supporters among my people). She would have served as bridge between the Rich North & the so called ‘Poor South’ – Not poor in resources for sure – since she experienced living Kenya after the war broke out, and in Europe thereafter. But I guess that’s the only offer she received. I wish her luck in her personal life, but I can’t say day with regards to the AEI.

I read the story of Starlin Arush. what a shame!!! We Africans are good at killing our brilliant ones for no rhyme or reason. It makes no difference whether she was killed in Niarobbery or Mogadishu - it’s all MADNESS. And that makes me angry.

Btw, I heard of you through OpenSource, (one of the most sane radio programs that isn’t a mouth piece for anyone), and I heard you saying that also other nations such as Denmark (where I currently live) should be put to task to speak about their role is shipping our people across the globe, that said, I thought you maybe also could include Arab countries who exploited us way before the arrival of the white man to our shores. If you like you can read my comment on OS under username ‘dessertrose’.

I will continue reading you blog. I love the issues of substance you bring. Keep up the good work!


Very perceptive zamzam. Perhaps you are Somali? Or maybe not. I agree that Magan's link to AEI will be... "interesting". Or more like bizarre. And I think about my courageous friend Starlin Abdi Arush. Instead of staying in Italia/Europe she went back to Somalia to help. And Starlin did not die in Somalia; she was killed in Nairobi. I think of her often and wish she were still alive. I miss her, and I'm not sure how Ayan Hirsi Magan would measure up to Starlin in stature. Thank you for writing.


In Defence of Ayan Hirsi Magan, I can say she is not the only one who lied about her asylum case; I know many who did the same thing. In time of war and diaspora, people do what ever it takes to survive & lying is the least of them. If she had told the truth, I bet her papers would have been thrown into the dust bin. I agree with many of the issues she raised about the plight of women in the Muslim communities in Europe, and her call for reformation of the faith, after all this is 2006 & we no longer live in the desert, besides Islam comes with a heavy Arabian cultural ‘values’ that tend to dominate other Muslims who aren't Arabs, and forcing them -directly or indirectly – to conform to a culture that is very different to their. As a consequence of her lying, she lost her right to the Dutch citizenship. It’s just sad that she is joining The American Enterprise Institute: a think tank that’s known for its views that aren’t favorable to people of color, or for the greater good of the society, hence pushing the agenda the few. Her life will certainly be different to that of the Dutch parliament – after all, this is good ol’ U.S of A.

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