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28 April 2006


Kyso K

I dunno, in one sense, the marketing of the hummer as a "family car" kind of makes sense, since in my experience it's usually the Mom who makes the "I like this big car because it's just so safe" argument. On the other hand, there are several hummers running around my town, and I've never seen any of them with women behind the wheel (or kids in them for that matter. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen anyone driving a hummer who had passengers in it). Maybe the campaign is designed to make the Mom more likely to agree to let the Dad get his hummer.

I think that a hummer is a bit of an overkill for taking the kids to school. At some point you have to balance the alleged safety of driving a damn tank with the danger of driving in a child-intensive area in a car so large you can't see the ground around it.

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