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15 April 2006



I was googling something else and your More Marathon account came up (!). I also participated in the More race, but I ran the marathon. I had a great time, came in around the same time you did, though the half marathon started before the full. I sure could have used some company in those last 10km!
Good luck on your running :-)

Marian meself

Thanks Mama Mia (and Sour Duck too). How are things over at Village Market?? The 2003 women's 10K through downtown Nairobi was great fun; a true inspiration. Mrs. Kibaki was one of the lead runners/walkers. Those were the halcyon days in Mwai's early presidential administration. Cheers & asante!

Mama Mia

Congrats !! 10-11 thousand ladies ran the Nairobi marathon - wow, I'd better make sure I'm one of that number next time .... I keep planning to start, but never quite get off my laurels :)

Melinda (Sour Duck)

Congratulations on completing your first marathon!

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