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21 February 2006



In 1990, I backpacked through several countries in Africa. I made many friends along the way and at one point I befriended two female American travelers at a hostel in Mombasa, Kenya. I introduced them to a Kenyan that I had been traveling with through Namibia and Botswana. He said he would be glad to have all of us as guests in his house in Nairobi. The next afternoon, we packed into his tiny Peugeot and began the 300 mile drive across the bush to Nairobi. Without warning, all four tires of the car flattened as we approached the midpoint of our trek. Our headlights illuminated the hundreds of tacks that were deliberately laid out on the road. We soon noticed that several other cars were also disabled in this fashion. Our driver told us to wait and he disappeared into the darkness. Minutes later, a blood covered man approached us and begged for us to run. The two young American tourists began to panic and scream. It was at this time I believe to have assumed the most significant responsibility of my life. I needed to become a leader and save the three of us from a murderous gang of thieves. Despite their resistance I coaxed the girls out of the car and ran deep into the brush. I used every bit of intuition and instinct to keep their emotions quiet for the next several hours. I was able to see the thieves approach our deserted vehicle and steal our belongings. I knew that if they heard us they would kill us. Yet I remained controlled and determined to emerge safely which we did that following morning


It's safe to say - avoid driving long-distances at night

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