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03 November 2005


one family

The dubious role of US foreign policy can some shed light on what’s taking place behind the media wall of silence.

The Meles Zenawi regime received official US blessing under the Clinton Administration when it was even promoted as a model of new leadership for Africa - guerilla princes, supposedly-turned democrats and IMF/Word Bank reformists.

Today, as the Bush administration prosecutes its galactic crusade against terror, Mr Zenawi & Co are considered crucial allies in the Horn of Africa. US Special Forces and their Ethiopian counterparts have carried out joint operations in Somalia, according to the BBC. Even the once-evil Islamic fundamentalist regime in Sudan (and former host of Al Qaida leader, Osama Bin Laden) is now a partner in the war against terror. Huge oil deposits in Sudan have led to its rehabilitation by the US in spite of the genocide being perpetrated in the Darfur region. Under Collin Power’s watch the State Department rewarded Sudan with its removal from the list of nations supporting terrorism. Needless to say then, the twin paradigms of the anti-terror crusade and secure oil deposits for the US, outweigh all other considerations in the Bush White House's world view. For the people of Ethiopia that means little or no pressure on the regime to cease its practice of electoral fraud and the brutal suppression of the opposition.

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