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15 September 2005


Ben G.

Ray Nagin has not shown himself to be honest enough to do the right thing. He is in the pocket of the white business interests. He was already on board to sell out Black housing projects to unscrupulous redevelopment schemes, such as the one that destroyed the St. Thomas Project around 2001. To stop the ethnic cleansing of New Orleans there will have to be a concerted political movement, supporting local activists. Leaving it to Ray Nagin is not an option.


Clever cartoon but only insufferable partisans would care about poll numbers in this context. As a political animal, Bush is no Clinton...we get that. (Mind you, it was Clinton who flew to Africa to apologise for talking a good game but doing nothing to prevent the slaughter of almost a million blacks in Rwanda and Burundi.) But why not just accept Bush's mea culpa and pray that Nagin and others are savvy (and honest) enough to ensure that black contractors get as much of that $200+ billion allocated for rebuilding and that poor and displaced blacks get the lion's share of homeownerships and new businesses that have been promised? Please!

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