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07 September 2005


W. Ian Blanton

So, lemme see if I have the list straight:

G.W. Bush:

Has to learn Economics, as he's "led" us straight into a recession.
Has to learn World geography and politics because we've ended up in wars. (After, as a candidate, he espoused U.S. non-interventionalism)
Has to learn basic Civics and role of Government to deal with natural disasters.

When did the Presidency of the United States become an entry-level job? I mean, I hope the S.O.B. is paying us tuition and that it's a lot...excuse me...*pauses for prompter*

Whattya mean WE'RE paying HIM!?!?!?

Gary Gray

If they in fact migrate, I hope the migrate to "red" states and tip the balance of power. [Thank you]

"Ronald Ringtone" trying to sell ringtones

Bush thinks civics lessons are driving instruction for people who buy Japanese cars. [thanks]

"Ronald Ringtone"

I'm a bit surprised that Bush would admit that it's important to learn anything. But then again he only says what he is told to say. As for civics lessons, he probably thinks that's driving instruction for people who buy Japanese cars.


For the victims of Hurricane Bush, worse than the literally existential disconnect from the niceties of Federalist/State civics is this ominous assessment of the future from Reuters 09/06/05 -

Katrina could prompt new ‘great migration’:
Storm survivors may spark vast resettlement of blacks throughout America


1st 3 paragraphs:
HOUSTON - If refugees end up building new lives away from New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina may prompt the largest U.S. black resettlement since the 20th century's Great Migration lured black southerners to the North in a search for jobs and better lives.

Interviews with evacuees in Houston, which is expecting many thousands of evacuees to remain, suggest that thousands of black Americans who lost everything and had no insurance will end up living in Texas or other U.S. states.

Officials say it will take many months and maybe even years before the birthplace of jazz is rebuilt...

Ethnic cleansing ...oops, pardon the typo,...em... "urban renewal" beyond the wildest imagination of the KKK.


Am I the only one who sees the pathetic irony in the Bush Administration bickering about how the precepts of federalism should have been applied to the New Orleans emergency relief effort; whilst lecturing the Iraqis on the democratic merits of federalism?

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