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04 September 2005



Unfortunately, we don't know what is in the hearts of men...whether it be prejudice, pride or arrogance...and you obviously don't know whether prejudice is an issue here where Katrina is concerned. Just stop for a moment and think who do you always hear of and see when it comes to George W. Bush, is it not Powell and Rice. I am white and proud of it, my husband is black and I am proud of it. I have never been prejudice, and was never "tought" to be so. Some of my best friends are "black", others are "white"...We are now in 2005, not the 60's and 70's anymore...let's get past the petty issue of COLOR. Many times I have found that we, as humans, tend to hold on to things from the past and "pre-judge" things from that perpective, for me, among other things, it was a step-father who was a social worker for children, who abused my sister and I to every extent, it took me a while, but I learned not to believe this about all social workers. Thus, not all whites are like the KKK and so on. I do realize that some whites are prejudice, but some blacks are as well, but not all. Growing up at one point my mother, sister and I were homeless, but after that I never got beyond being considered "poor white trash", that is until I DECIDED TO MAKE SOMETHING OF MYSELF. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and a major in Management. I also have an Associates in Paralegal Studies and am pursuing Juris Doctor Degree so I can practice law. It has nothing to do with what "I" inherited or did not inherit, because I had nothing just like so many other black and white people alike. I did not beg for anything nor did I feel like someone, or the world for that matter, "owed me something" I owed it to myself not to walk in the same footsteps as those before me.

Just one final note, I am a Christian, and Moses, from his background was a white man...his wife was an Ethiopian, a black woman. Moses' sister Miriam was struck with leprosy when she came against the color of skin.


For the Bushite faithful:
Blessed are those who have more. For they shall receive even more, come war, hurricanes, floods...

Navy Turns to Halliburton for Help

New York Times | August 4, 2005

Facing extensive damage by Hurricane Katrina to naval installations in Mississippi , the Navy turned immediately to the Halliburton Company's KBR subsidiary for tasks like restoring electricity, repairing roofs and clearing debris at bases that are urgently needed for response efforts.

It is a familiar role for KBR, which under longstanding contracts has delivered the engineering equivalent of first aid to the Navy and other military and government agencies after natural disasters for more than 15 years. This time, the Halliburton unit's performance is likely to be watched especially closely, as its work under separate contracts in Iraq has come under extensive criticism in the past two years.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command turned to Halliburton after the hurricane under terms of a five-year contract worth up to $500 million, renewed in 2004 after competitive bidding, that calls on the company to provide immediate services on demand after natural disasters, in humanitarian crises or in military conflicts. Last year, the Navy invoked the same contract after Hurricane Ivan hit Florida .

Although Halliburton has not yet been asked to work on installations around New Orleans, it said on Friday that it would begin performing damage assessments there "as soon as it is deemed safe to do so."

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