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29 August 2005



I saw the movie. It was just ok. I heard the book was good but could not wait till after I read it. I wrote a quick review on my blog!


If you read the book you dont have to worry about me spoiling it for you.


Marian - I too am looking forward to the film. Although, when I read the novel (in 2001, I think), I was a little disappointed. I was a devoted fan of Carre’s spy novels and found his take on this well-trodden theme unpersuasive. (Pharmaceutical companies experimenting on poor black people? Tuskegee...)

Fiennes is a fine actor though (English Patient) and I think he will do justice to Carre's Quayle.

How daring of you to take illegal contraband into a foreign country. Have you been following the drama involving Australians who are being prosecuted for doing the same in Indonesia….

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