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08 August 2005



Dear Nina Hagman: Thank you for the reference and for your concern. I think the answer is to make the contribution because much of it actually does reach desperate children, women and men and saves lives. There also is corruption plus culture that irrationally gives power & authority - even over emergency food supplies - to the undeserving. We need greater citizen involvement in our own countries - to follow up on where donations go, who manages them, and what happens when corruption occurs. We have to demand oversight from our national politicians along with international organisations and voluntary aid groups. Tausand tak.

Nina Hagman

About Niger, I just wish I could believe that the help really get through. After reading an article in one of Sweden's biggest newspaper I'm doubtful: (http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/nyheter/story/0,2789,685049,00.html)

"Hos en av affärsmännen fann vi en stor hög 50-kilossäckar med vita
bönor. Säckarna kom från FN-organet WFP, World Food Programme, och det
stod på dem att de var en gåva från Finland. Affärsmannen sålde
säckarna för 20000 CFA styck, knappt 300 kronor."

in English:
"One of the businessmen had big pile of 50 kilo sacks of white beans.
The sacks came from the UN-organization WFP, World Food Programme, and
it was written om them that it was a gift from Finland. The
businessman sold the sacks for 20000 CFA each, about 300 swedish

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