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29 August 2005



BAD job by the President assigning Brown to head FEMA. Due to public outrage, Brown was sent home due to " the Blame Game". Bush has now appointed Ronald McDonald of McDonalds to take over hurricane Diaster control in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Whats next?

Warren Woolhiser

Why is NOAA part of the Commerce Dept.?

It is largely historical. Tom Jefferson started what was to become the Coast and Geodetic Survey (1807). Its original mission was to create coastal charts. It got involved with tide prediction and in 1882 it had the first real analog computer built that could and did predict tides all over the world. It was not replaced by a modern computer until the 1960's, I believe.

Then when there was a large Tsunami (?) that hit Hilo, Hawaii after WWII, the agency set up a Tsunami prediction network in the Pacific that is working today, pretty much as set up.

What is the logic of keeping NOAA with the Commerce Dept? Disasters affect commerce. Look at the price of gas.

The failing in New Oreans is mainly due to incompetence of the Bush appointees. A plan for recovery from this disaster should have already been in place. I think one would find most of the NOAA bureaucrats are dedicated and put out good work.

Remember, it was Ron Brown (Commerce Dept) with the Clinton administration that had a lot to do with our economic boom in the 1990's.

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