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29 August 2005



Thank you for writing. I will go here one more time. There is a flood. By then the question is not whether you left or not - you do not drive a car in a flood. Doing that is pretty much a death wish. The man I saw and am referring to was very, very blessed someone else risked his life AND WAS ABLE to rescue him. I know only too well evacuation is not an individual task. That is how Black communities in the Americas survived the past 400 years. (Meanwhile most of continental Africa STILL does not know or consider how we exist or that we are part of Africa.) We are not each living on this planet alone. And humans are not even the only 'valuable life form' on this planet. Regardless what country you, my remarkable readers, are from, perhaps more of us should run for office ourselves or at the very least actively and repeatedly support and vote into office more people who are smart, sensitive, courageous, and committed to the public good rather than just their own fat pockets & their bike rides (George Bush), their jets and limousines. To me many such caring & under-recognised leaders are women and they are women of colour. Thank you again! Please keep reading & writing.

Jeannette A Oshitoye, Ph.D.

It's not about whether people are rational or not, it's more about the role of government to protect them. This man made an error in judgement, but I think it the role of government to understand that all people do not have equal financial situations and calling a required evacuation without providing transportation for those who lack their own transportation is clearly irresponsible. However, we cannot change what has happened in the situation with Katrina, but we can make sure thatin future evacuations that are called that everyone has the opportunity to get out of town whether through their own transportation or through government sponsored transportation. Those who still choose not to go should be made accountable for their on lives. The mass exodus of New Orleans was accomplished by those with available credit, those without were forced to take shelter in the Superdome, yet they made portionally more investment in the government (based on the portion of taxes to income)for their protection. We have to think not individualistically but on an aggregate level. Life is not equal, but government should protect all equally.

Edward  Hayes

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Sorry Cynthia. I grew up in Baton Rouge and like yourself I know New Orleans. But you are mixing apples and oranges. The fastest way to die is to drive a car in the middle of a flood. The man who was driving was not "forsaken" by anybody - as a matter of fact he was extremely lucky that 1) someone saw what he did and 2) that person was willing to risk his own safety to rescue the man from his car. You do not drive a car through a seriously flooded area. There is no discussion. The car will flood. You (and anyone else in the car) probably will drown. There is no plainer way to say it. It is obvious there are many people who could not leave NO on their own. The man driving the car has nothing - n-o-t-h-i-n-g - to do with that. Thank you for your link. Grazie.


The people that were left were the poorest of the poor. Officials knew there were some people who were incapable of leaving. Why didn't they provide bus transportation for those who couldn't afford to leave? I was born in New Orleans, if you knew the situation, you would not ever blame those who were forsaken by that government. This poor man was not an idiot. Unless you know the climate in New Orleans, it is unfair to call anyone an idiot. If you are interested in knowing some truth I wrote this after talking to someone who fled the city.



Thank you, Farb. Actually I was referring to people like this man who almost killed himself and endangered his rescuer by driving in the midst of this storm. As I wrote earlier: "Some people *didn't listen* while others didn't have the means to get out." So we agree on that. What is happening to the northeast coast of the Gulf of Mexico is a national and a human disaster. Thanks for reading and for writing back.


some people have no money and nowhere to go.
nothing to come back to and nothing on them.

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