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05 August 2005



Thanks, Carla! And I'm sure if you keep working on it you'll be able to find Ms. Hamer's very quotable, articulate and now-famous "sick and tired" speech. Thanks for taking on that project!

Carla Brailey

Hey, I think I got an email from you about the State of the Black Woman at Howard University. Good job on raising consciousness!!

I am looking for Fannie Lou Hamer's unedited version of her speech as well...Did we come up with an answer??? I heard it at a workshop so I know it is out there. I want to here her say, I am sick of tired of being sick and tired!!!!!!!!!

Scott Caplan

Does anybody know of a place where I could find video of Fannie Lou Hamer's speech at the convention? Wikipedia says that it was aired on most major news networks unedited which would lead me to believe it's out there somewhere.

Waiting to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous retribution

Some mention the mortality rate of black men vs. white men, in which black men die considerably younger, demographically, than white men, as being indicative of their powerlessness in society. Well, black women in America have a longer lifespan than white men, ergo it is reasonable to argue that they have more power in society than white males. Don't even get me started on white chicks. You go girls.

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