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01 July 2005



Hey would`t it be the same if the US releases some stamps about Speedy Gonzales?

NOOO it wouldnt because we don`t have issues with that. We MEXICANS wouldn`t mind because we are not racist (in the skin color thing ). The US is the one worried abour Memin because they are racists. Even when they say those things are form the past. Racism is still there and the best proof is their exagerated reaction to a simple cartoon character. Just admit it, In the US the majority of the population are still racist.

Call it whatever you like but dont you ever say that we are racist when in your country you have much bigger issues with that. If you doubt about what I am saying just take a look at some numbers. Check the facts and you`ll suddenly realize how wrong you are.


as if calling americans stupid engages you in any intelligent dialogue.

i am mexican and i do think that this charicature of the 40s has no place in today's society. precisely because the afro-mexican population is very small in mexico people don't realize that there is skin-color racism in out country. why are most mexican indians (who are darker -skinned than vicente fox and most of our presidents and most of our political elite) poor and marginalized, why are the afro-communites in mexico (even if very small) largely poor. the kind of racism may be different and more complex since we are all of mixed-race heritage and of different hues than in the US but it is there, there is a hierachy of color and of european heritage - the lighter the better and more beautiful. Or do you not remember the saying in mexico when you marry a white mexican or a white US American or when your kid comes out "guerito" - "estas mejorando la raza".

you see it in our novelas and in who plays what roles - the lead roles and the servant roles. it is absolutely no coincidence.

not all mexicans are racists (that was not implied in the post) but there is a racism and classism problem (both of which are closely tied/correlated) as in most societies...


"...ever went into providing hospitals, schools and homes to Afro Mexican communities" so charity by race is not racist? I got a headache everytime I try to understand how your system of Politically Correctness works. in Mexico you can go as far as your studies allow you to (less in TV and Movies where it's almost impossible to see mestizos or amerindians, yeah there are more blacks, speaking of racism:P ), and many people leave school soon because their girlfriends got pregnant, the people who blame some sort of "Mexican Elite" is as the ones who blame U.S. for everything ("with noone to blame we would had to blame ourselves"), and by the way Fox wasn't involved in the stamp-thing that was between in the postal service and editorial Vid. personally, I don't hate you no-matter-what-color-you-are-gringos it's just that you are weirder than I though.


Thanks for the wonderful piece on the second racial controversy out of Mexico within the last couple of months.

I have a great interest in learning more about all the unknown African communities in the Americas and am always glad to discover any published material on this subject on the web. I also had never heard of Johnny Laboriel although I have 2 Afro-Mexican music CD's in my collection: "La Negra Graciana: Sones Jarochos with the Trio Silva" (Corason) purchased in 1996 and "Musica Afromestiza en Mexico" (Agave Music) purchased in 1998 both from Tower Records.

A simple Google search, however, brought me a link to Mr Laboriel's website -http://www.johnnylaboriel.com/. Do check it out. It even has clips of his music.


1)Mexico is not part of Spain anymore.

2)I can believe that know everybody thinks mexicans are racists just for one cartoon----HAHAHAHAHAHA...that's the funniest thing i've heard.

3)Well, maybe there's racism, but not a Skin-color racism, here in Mexico we have some kind of "Social status" racism(if you're poor you won't get a good treatment from rich people).

4)Mexican black people comunnities are very,very,very small. The only African-american i knew was a Mister that came to my city to play in the Local Baseball team,oh yes! and one Etiopian that came to enlarge his sport career,did people react with horror when they saw a black person? No, they just didn't care about his skin color.

4)Johnny Laboriel is a singer-comedian, and there's something funny about what he said...he always uses "his lips" to make jokes.

5)I'm proud of my "Indigenous" roots.



This kind of posts makes me think that americans are stupid.

Ooops!...that was racist.

Fucking liberals.


First el presidente Fox made his statement that Mexican immigrants were doing work that not even black people will do-- thus showing his true feelings not only for Black people but for his own countrymen. Now the Memin Pingun postage stamps. The dirty little secret is out. There is racism in Mexico. And El presidente Fox is merely expressing the views that his fellow spanish creole elitist have about Indigenous and African people.

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