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07 July 2005



Would like to visit with Afro-Mexicans in Costa Chica area of Oaxaca, Mexico. Would appreciate any advice.

Ryon Christie

Have you not noticed that nearily all American Rap & R&B music videos are full of women who are either light skined or with almost European features or both, when you know that alot of them are mixed race, even the so-called Christian Kanye West in his music videos is guilty of the same thing.

The attractive black women/girls that are shown in America's most popular T.V. programmes or sitcoms, whether in a all black cast or a mainly white cast, are usually played by light skinned women, same rules apply to their films cinema or T.V., infact some major roles designated for a black woman have been played by mixed race women like Disney's The Haunted Mansion( co-starring a mixed race British woman), same woman was also the leading black woman in Black Knight, and Hotel Rwanda saw another mixed race British woman play a major part as a black African wife, and who can forget the lovely Halle Berry the first African American woman to win a oscar, in spite of the fact that she is actually mixed race her mum is a white British born woman, as long as Americans keep calling mixed race people black then the media will keep on using them to discriminate against you, as they have as much white genes as they do black, just look at Alisha Keyes she is a mixed race brown skin girl with very little black features.

Whats dissapointing is that no one cares, no civil rights organisation does or sais anything, not even the normally vocal Nation of Islam, but whats even worse is that this nonsense is being imported into Africa a continent of mainly very dark skinned people as if they didn't have enough problems as it is, as some Rap and R&B artist are playing out there and all there dancers on stage are light skinned, even in parts of Europe like the U.K. young black artist are only showing light skinned women/girls in most of there music videos.


Greetings, my sisters (and brothers).

I'm an African American woman living in the U.S. capital. I've just now happened upon this wonderful place and would like to invite those who read this message to wikipedia.org. The website needs proud, black, knowledgeable contributors -- and it needs you BAD! While writing skill helps, a discerning eye to correct dis/misinformation and racist bias, and knowledge about Africa and the diaspora are even more important. It's an opportunity to write about whatever interests and moves you and to learn from others.

I hope to see you there. Please stop by my user page if/when you come, so I know you were there and let me know your impressions.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace 2 u. -- deeceevoice

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