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17 June 2005



Dear deepuff, thank you for taking time to comment and to share these painful events. Shame on West Virginia and shame on society and the system. This is a terrible story that happens far too often to too many children and adults, and to some males as well as females. At the same time I don't think you are saying that most White people - both rape victims & survivors and perpetrators - have always been treated in the same way as Black Americans - especially by the legal system - because that definitely is not the case. More on this later, and thank you again.


Did you know, not only black ladies get raped and rapist not convicted! In 1939 my mother at the age of 5 was repeatedly raped by the family babysitter, her father was out running moonshine, mother whereabouts unknown, finally it was reported that the children were being left alone, the state WVA came and took the children ages 5, 4, and two kept them in the county jail till a foster home (abusive home) was found, when the foster parent was bathing the children she discovered the child was ripped xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, called the state police, she picked the white man out from a line up. He NEVER HAD TO GO TO COURT, the child was told he went to prison, to keep her from being afraid, but NO PRISON OR JAIL time, also NO RECORDS OF THIS AT COURTHOUSE OR IN FOSTER RECORDS, a complete cover up, don't know why, but there was. Also a white cousin 12 years of age was raped by white men, she was tar and feathered by the gang of rapers and threatened to kill her if she told. So you see this happens to white girls too.


Interesting logic, Waheed. The word is "committed", not "conducted". Rapes are crimes committed by persons against other persons. People who commit rapes should be identified by their victims and prosecuted by the courts.


Rapes are being conducted all over the world it is not new in Pakistan so if Mukhtaran Mai was raped then she was not supposed to show everyone (To all the world) her condition about what was happend to her.


I've been researching the Recy Taylor case for a few years. She would be in her eighties now and a friend told me she was still alive, though we have been unable to find her.
The case received considerable attention at the time, even forcing the Alabama Governor to hold 3 grand jury hearings. Unfortunately, the white jurors in Henry County refused to find the rapists (who had all confessed) guilty. Please refer to my article, "It was Like We Were All Raped in the December 2004 issue of the Journal of American History for more information about the history of rape of black women and some cases that are not often discussed but ought to be.


"Similar experience"? Over the past 300 to 500 years every single Black and Indigenous family in the Americas has had historical experience with gender-related sexual exploitation. Just as women and their communities in Bosnia, Kosovo, Liberia, and Korea (the tragedy of World War II 'comfort women', exploited by the Japanese). This is a moral, scientific (DNA), familial-social and political issue.


It seems as if you've got a similar experience?

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