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« BBC: US Police Handcuff Five-Year-Old; Black Child Mobbed and Handcuffed by White Adults | Main | "On handcuffed and felonious children" - Wendy McElroy, published in February »

24 April 2005



I think that we are ignoring or rather forgetting the incidents that preceded the "handcuffing". As a society, we have stolen the authority as disciplinarians from ours schools and parents. If the teacher would have tried to restrain her physically, we would have scolded her. I think we are forgetting the the police are here to control situations and create a safe environment for all. Not only was the safety of the teacher in jeopardy, but any students and police as well. She was restrained because she was in an office where there are pencils, scissors and other objects that can harm others. Not to mention harm herself. Wouldnt it had been a different discussion if she hurt a student, herself or the teacher? Everyone would have said where were the authorities. Also, because she was calm when the police arrived does not mean that she wouldnt go into another "fit". The police responded to a call. They dont know the medical history or anything for that matter regarding the child. My question is, if not handcuffs, what other means would have been sufficient in restraining this child until the parents arrived. This child is obviously out of control and has no respect for authority. Im 27 years old and this was unheard of when I attended elementary school.


in support,(and i apologize for commenting when you said comments were Off), but I am studying to be a teacher here in America and i think this instance is Awful. Regardless of race, if I were in such a situation, (as a teacher with an Unruly student) I would never allow law enforcement to be involved in such a way. Part of my job as a teacher is to Communicate with and reach students Positively.
pax, b.


It's frightening what "authority" can get away with. $50k probably won't even cover the cost of the therapy that poor baby will need after such an ordeal. I can't believe we even HAVE handcuffs that would fit a five year old.

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