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« 3 Florida Police Handcuff A 5 Year Old [Black] Child- The Continued Criminalisation of Being Black | Main | BBC: US Police Handcuff Five-Year-Old; Black Child Mobbed and Handcuffed by White Adults »

22 April 2005



Wow! This is amazing, truly amazing that the principal of this school allowed this ignorant teacher to call the police on a five year old child. I agree that she was upset and children throw tantrums all the time, she should have been deciplined by her mother not the "system". When the police arrived what where they thinking? And if they felt that she should have had cuffs on, whey didn't they read her her rights? I hope the school and the Police Station are both hit with a million dollar law suit as Im sure they will be. And is it true that once the mother arrrived, that they threaten to take her to jail if she didn't calm down? Well they would have taken me to jail that day because I would have been upset beyond belief! I hope the media rips these people to shreads...

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