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« Turtle Island relations: "Red, black, and bruised," David Wilkins, in "Indian Country Today" | Main | CNN.com Video: Police Handcuff Five Year Old Girl - after White School Teachers Call Police »

22 April 2005



Another angry Black,
It isn't racism, the police did followed procedures. Watch the video again, that girl was out of control. If she were mine, I thank the police and give the brat a spanking she will never forget.

~but for you "time out works" type of people who hate cops, and all you "it's becase we are black" type people. Don't worry about displine, because somebody will teach it in one hard lesson, in such a manner that you die horribly



Willa Walker

I am 53 years old. All my life I have witnessed white kids and their mothers in grocery stores and retail stores and yes, at schools, school events, etc. The kids were OFF THE HOOK!! Lying out in the middle of store isles because they could not have what they had taken off store shelves or put in the shopping baskets, etc., exhibiting behavior at school that would have gotten the likes of me and my peers in major trouble with our parents. For them, this type of temper tantrum madness was THE NORM! I have been reading message boards from the U.S. to Canada regarding this topic and I can truly say to you that African-Ameriocan people are in just about as much trouble as we were during days of chattel slavery. It is appalling to me the amount of highly prejudicial and biased responses I have read today from the citizens of this country and, believe me, it gave me a "check-up from the neck up" and sent chills down my spine. No one knows the level of trauma this child has experienced emotionally due to this kind of abuse at the hands of the inept adults who were not properly trained and equipped to handle a 5 year old child!! I am sure she will hate the police and educators for as long as she has breath! It is truly a sad, sad state of affairs. Old Martin must be turning over in his grave.


Things you forgot to mention,

"it was the third time the girl had behaved violently"

"Officers contacted the state child abuse registry because they had concerns about what were said to be sudden, negative changes in the girl's behavior and statements she made"

"Di Benedetto told police she checked on Room 13 at 1:50 p.m., according to the police report. The girl was sitting on the floor, pouting and refusing to take part in a math exercise involving jelly beans, the report says.

It said that eventually, the girl got up, went into the math teacher's office and started throwing things from the desk into the trash.

The teacher had the other students in the class leave.

Another teacher was called to help, but the girl kicked her in the shins, hit her in the arm, and tried to scratch her, the report says. She calmed down after 25 minutes, the report says, but once she was in Di Benedetto's office, she started throwing things again and struck Di Benedetto three times, in the arms and stomach. Then police were called."

I would BEAT MY KID'S ASS for acting like this. Her Mom wouldn't be in for an hour!

You are too quick to play the race card. YOU are what is wrong with this country!

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