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26 January 2005



Speaking of BHM, the Global Coalition for Africa wants the USA and Europe to pay $77trillion in reparations to "African countries as a balm for socio-economic damages inflicted on Blacks through slavery, colonialism and economic exploitation." (http://odili.net/news/source/2005/jan/26/10.html). I really believe that it is possible for reparations to be made at some point though it will take years in court.

You make a very good argument for Black Americans to be recognised as an "ethnic group" and I think it is important when discussing people like Colin Powell and Barack Obama to point out that they are not Black Americans even though they are Black. One has to ask in whose interest is it to marginalise black American history and as you say to "manipulate our exitence"? I would say "white America" but also "new black immigrants such as from the Caribbean and Africa whose relationship to black Americans is not always very positive.

Just a brief comment on your comment re slavery. I am not sure I fully understand your point though I do agree that it is an overgeneralisation to accuse black politicians of getting money from Arab or other sources. I really have no information on that so it is his opinion. As you say 400 years isnt that long in the history of humanity however if you look at it expotentially it is much longer than 400 years and not of the contributing factors have been addressed.

My point about slavery is that it still exists today and in far greater numbers AND this time we should recognise that as far as African slavery goes, Africans themselves are involved. (see my posting under "slavery 2004 - Children in Slavery 7th December 04) We cannot deal with this issue of slavery which is like an open sore in our hearts unless we all begin to speak to the truth about what happened and what is still happening AND we must continue to hold Europe and White America to account -

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