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15 January 2005



Dear Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, the prolonged conflict of Sri Lanka is continuing with a cycle of renewed violence. The past tow weeks have seen more than 100 people being killed and approximately 35,000 civilians made displaced. Richard Mawer, Save the Children Program Director in Sri Lanka says "Fighting has become more severe and moved into heavily populated areas over the last few days, causing families and children to flee their homes to escape rockets and artillery fire. This is a humanitarian crisis and we are concerned for the children who have been caught up in the fighting." He also noted with grave concern the killing of 15 national staff of the international humanitarian organisation Action Contra la Faim in Muttur. "These killings send a clear message that humanitarian space and ability to work is under threat, and this is especially worrying given the escalation in violence and the potential for ever greater violence given this breakdown."

While Sri Lanka's military said on Friday it will continue to attack Tamil rebels to fully secure a northeastern waterway, a day after fierce battles between them killed up to 20 rebels and 41 government soldiers, according to the two sides. Separately, the rebels said at least 50 civilians were killed and 200 wounded in the government's air and ground offensive that started Thursday.

We the Women’s Network for Peace and Freedom is dismayed by the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka, and by the failure of the parties to the conflict to respect and abide by the 2002 ceasefire agreement. Particularly of concern are the deaths - and, in some cases, targeting - of innocent civilians and the displacement of people, and the failure of the international community to take effective action to bring an end to this conflict.

Therefore, we are urging as many people as possible to take action and call on the international community to support the Norwegean facilitators and to put meaningful pressure on the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE to stop the use of violence and re-start negotiations to bring a peaceful resolution to this crisis.
You can take such action by sending a letter to the

Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP)
Level 10, West Tower
World Trade Centre
Bank of Ceylon Mawatha
Colombo 01.
Telephone: 011 5554471-2, 2388709, 2388710
Fax: 011 5554473

The LTTE peace Secretariat at :
Peace Secretariat,
Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam,
A9 Road,
Phone: 0094212283960
Fax: 0094212283959
E-mail: mail@ltteps.org

And the Foreign Office and the UN Office in your country.

Thank you for your continued support



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