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25 January 2005


vickie Nailing

I am a African American Peace Corps volunteer in Uzbekistan and just recently our African American diplomat was attacted by skin-heads in Kiev, Ukraine. I spoke with another African American volunteer who plans on vistiting Moscow and adamantly told her I was against it. I told her that I've been conducting research regarding racism in the former Soviet Union and told her to be very careful. Folks are getting killed! They hate blacks, people from the Caucauses, Asians, any brown-skinned people. In other words, if your not Anglo/Slavic white, they don't want you in their country. I commend the people of color for living in a trully racist country without legal representation or protection, because I won't.

Henry Beecher

David and pals are recruiting daily on the net, and we are the sand in his gears:

Please visit Mootstormfront.org

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