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I definitely would love to hear what he has to say.


Normally, I would agree with you, however, my own analysis of Koinange's reporting thus far, has been that he always seemed (at least in his Nigerian reporting) to reinforce the stereotype of the savage African. In my view Koinange is not a champion of the disprivileged. Rather, he seems to be on the other side. Disclaimer: I happen to carry a Nigerian Passport.


A little presumptuous. Koinange may have a deeper insight into "Blackness" than you presume yourself to have and his perspective - as an African journalist used to reporting on such conditions OUTSIDE the US of A - is far RICHER than that available to any African-American. He has the ability to recognise "Africa" wherever it rears its head - be it "on the continent" or away from it...

Kanai Gikonyo

Well Jeff is a career journalist..he does what he perceives to advance his own career. Hopefully this is congruent with a view that news is reported in a tone and diction that inspires rather than fuel despair. Kenyans suffer from Blackness in the US and God forbid you get arrested in the American South. Where is Jeff when we need him? Well one answer is he is on the other side or he doesn't know or he doesn't care..only he knows the unadulterated true answer to that.

Nigerian-American bro

We should all be careful to not subsume Africa's heritage and existence to "Blackness", a relatively recent construct borne out of the experience of Africans in the diaspora vis a vis Whites--obviously, prior to that Africa existed as just that, much like Europe existed as Europe and not a "White" continent. This is also the refuge that all in the diaspora outside of the continent have regarding their roots--there was a time and there REMAINS a place where we can shed the label and just live out the human essence that is the right of all.

Oh,I also agree with some of the earlier posts regarding Jeff's reporting. I don't know about "the other side" (which side is this?), but he certainly seems to be out of touch and to favor sensationalism to the point of demeaning Africa (Aside: are there really NO African experts in the various countries that are subject of news reports to provide commentary in the reports???). Bottom line is Koinange does the Big A no favors.


Koinange's reporting specifically when he reported on Zimbabwe and NIgeria he is really biased torwards the negative. For example when he reported on pple surviving on Rats. come on everyone who has been to that country and went out of the Metro areas knows that people eat Mice not rats as a delicacy. Why has he not reported about the animal abuse in Kenya by the Masai? UMMMM I wonder....he is a good CRITICAL reporter but he really need to check his facts about the cultures

Dwight Barrett

Would you please Jeff Koinange to send me his e-mail address? I want to ask him a few things about a gas explosion that took place on Sept 2004.

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